Film & TV

2012, 14 part series, History TV

Dead Ducks
2011, experimental short, Brenda Longfellow, director

2011, feature doc, Matt Gallagher, director

The Secret Disco Revolution
2011, feature doc, Jamie Kastner, director

La Sacree
2011, feature comedy, Dominic Desjardins, director

Brick by Brick
2010, 1 hour doc, Catherine Annau, director

The Nature of Things; The Burrowers
2010, 1 hour doc, CBC

Village on a Diet
2010, 11 part series, CBC

The Nanny Business
2010, feature doc, Global Television

Sex and Religion
2010, 13 part series, Vision TV

In the Name of the Family
2010, feature doc, CTV

Thinking Cars
2010, feature doc, Discovery Europe

Science of the Soul
2009, feature doc, Associated Producers

Cupcake Girls
2009, 13 part series, W Network

Fearless in the Kitchen
2009, 13 part series, W Network

Fig Trees
2009, opera/doc, John Greyson, director

Hard Name
2009, feature doc, Primitive Entertainment

2009, 8 part doc series, UpFront Entertainment

Finding the Fallen 2
8 part doc series, YAP films/History Television

The Bridge
2008, feature drama, CTV

The Nature of Things; The Suzuki Diaries
2008, 1 hour doc, CBC

Extreme Clergy
2008, 13 part doc series, Vision TV

Rex vs. Singh
experimental short, Richard Fung/John Greyson/Ali Kazimi, directors

2008, 13 part doc series, Women’s Network

Daddy Tran; a Life in 3D
2008, doc feature, TVO

The Museum
2008 feature doc, NFB/CBC

Ride of the Yoga Valkyries
2008, comedy short, Dan Berman, director

A Dog’s Breakfast
2008, Yap Films/CBC

Late Fragment
2007, Interactive feature drama, NFB, Canadian Film Centre
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/LFR JEN.mp3]
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/LFR SUNRISE.mp3]
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/LFR MURDER.mp3]

Hi Ho; The Rise and Fall of The Grumpy Burger
2007, Matt Gallagher, TVO
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/HI HO BOAT.mp3]
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/HI HO MAIN.mp3]

Walmart Nation
2007, Andrew Munger, director, CBC

After Fidel
2007, Memory Films, History Channel

Kike Like Me
2007, BBC, Jamie Kastner, director
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/KLM poland.mp3]
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/KLM suburb.mp3]

2007, 3-part series, YAP Films, History Channel
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/Bloodl main.mp3]

Four short films; The Stephen Lewis Foundation
2007, Liz Marshall, director: “Grandmothers”; “Orphans”;
“Women” and “An Introduction to the SLF”
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/SLF women.mp3]
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/SLF orphans.mp3]
2007, (feature drama), Harry Davis, director

2007, Dara Bratt, director

Charging The Rhino
2006, Associated Producers, Simcha Jacobovici, director
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/Rhino jazz.mp3]
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/Rhino end.mp3]
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/Rhino gangsters.mp3]
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/Rhino scary.mp3]
The Battle of the Somme; The Untold Story
2006, YAP Films, The History Channel
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/SOMME main th.mp3]
Warrior Empire: The Mughals of India
2006, YAP Films, A+E/The History Channel
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/MUGH hot place.mp3]
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/MUGH rockets.mp3]

Martyr Street
2006, The History Channel/CBC
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/MARTYR ST. main.mp3]

The Year Before
2006, NFB

Divine Design with Candice Olson
(with Daniel Greaves)
2006, HGTV series

Take It Outside
(with Daniel Greaves)
2005, HGTV series

A Town In Africa
2005, National Geographic

Finding The Fallen
(with Daniel Greaves)
2005, 5-part series, Discovery-Europe
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/FALLEN main.mp3]

Deadly Water: Minimata
2005, Barna Alper Productions

Mary Jackman: A Person In Her Own Right
2005, Laura Sky, director

Thirst For Life
2005, Paperny Films

Pop Cultured with Elvira Kurt
2004, Comedy Network
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/pop cult stng 2.mp3]

Zero Degrees Of Separation
2005, NFB

House and Home TV
2004, HGTV

2004, CBC

The Take
2003, Avi Lewis, director

Ghosts Of War
2003, Michael Maclear, director

Fig Trees
2003, Video installation/opera, John Greyson, director

First And Last
2003, CBC

A Country Doctor
2002, National Filmboard of Canada

The Eatons: A Canadian Saga
2002, History Television

History’s Courtroom
2003-2004, 12-part series, History Television
[audio:film_tv_mp3s/historys crt.mp3]

2002, Large scale video installation, commissioned by Bruce Mau Design for the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

The Struma
2001, Simcha Jacobovici, director, HBO, Yorkshire Television

Roppongi Hills Project
2001, Large scale Tokyo video installation, commissioned by Bruce Mau Design

Criminal Evidence
2000, Roger Pyke, director, A&E, CBC, Woman�s Network

Out Of The Fire
2000, Women’s Network

Shift Television
1999, Cathie James, producer, The Life Network

Jerry And Tom
1998, Saul Rubinek, director, Lions Gate/Miramax

Highway 61
1992, Bruce Macdonald, director

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